Kotobukiya has a quartet of figurines coming for Mega Man fans. The company has model kits for Mega Man X, Axl, Sigma, and Bass in the works, and all of them are part of Capcom’s Mega Man metaseries. We knew these were coming, but now we’ve gotten a fresh look at them thanks to an appearance at the 62nd Shizuoka Hobby Show.

On the painted side of things, Kotobukiya showed off their Mega Man X7 version of Axl, alongside an enhanced version of Mega Man X. Axl appears just as he does in X7, while Mega Man is wearing his Max Armor from Mega Man X3, and he comes with a Triad Thunder weapon.

In the unpainted prototype category, Kotobukiya pulled back the curtain on Sigma and the Battle Network character Bass.EXE. These were announced in February 2024, so it’s clear that work on the duo is progressing nicely. Hopefully we’ll get a look at painted versions of these models before the year ends.

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