Sungrand Studio loves to create games for older hardware. Their team is currently working on 7 different titles for both the Wii U and 3DS, but now they have their sights set on supporting a much older and unique platform.

Sungrand Studio is most well known for their Silver Falls horror series, which has numerous installments both released and in the works. Now Sungrand is looking to bring the Silver Falls experience to the Pokémon Mini, of all platforms. It seems a handful of fans actually requested this idea, probably as a joke. Now the developer is calling their bluff!

In order to bring Silver Falls to the Pokemon Mini, Sungrand Studio needs a bit of help. They’ve launched a Kickstarter with a very modest goal of $481 to hit funding. There’s 11 days left on the Kickstarter to achieve that goal, and you can help out by donating here.

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2y ago

I guess you have to attempt to carve out a niche in the industry somehow, but I feel this is an extremely obtuse way to do it. I've no doubt they will hit their goal purely on the absurdity alone, but what is really even the point when 99% of people playing it will turn to emulators...assuming one exists?


2y ago

That's pretty cool! Apparently they've also released a GBC game and have MULTIPLE Wii U and 3DS games planned for release within the year. Gotta love game devs who release stuff on obsolete hardware like that!

Once they announce it's coming to N-Gage, I'm in.