The game industry is going through an incredibly tough time right now. Not a week goes by where a studio doesn’t suffer layoffs or outright closure, and it’s been that way since late 2023. Just this week Microsoft shuttered some of their studios, and apparently more are on the way. Thankfully, it appears things are quite the opposite for Nintendo.

Nintendo released their financial results for the most recent fiscal year, and things are going quite well for the company. Buried deep in their results breakdown was a mention of just how many employees the Big N had working for them, and compared to last year, things are trending upwards.

Back in March 2023, Nintendo had 7,317 employees spread around the world, Just one year later, Nintendo is now sitting at 7,724 staffers. It’s not clear where those extra 400+ have found jobs within Nintendo, but it’s clear the higher-ups at the company must be doing something right. Let’s hope Nintendo not only continues to grow, but also works smartly, which should hopefully stave off any closures or layoffs.

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14d ago

They did fire alot of staff during the wii u days iirc (/or reconstructed), so would be interesting to see the employee numbers compared to before that. they did not fire staff during the Wii U era. The former CEO actually cut his salary alongside Shigeru Miyamoto to save jobs.

Anyways this is a smart move indeed.


13d ago

Damn, I remember when it was 5000... or 500.