Scarlet Moon and chiptune artist coda, in conjunction with videogame developer MidBoss, are thrilled to release the soundtrack to Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER. This highly-anticipated point-and-click adventure is a sequel to the hit 2064: Read Only Memories and features a funky 16-bit FM-infused soundtrack by Scarlet Moon’s Ken “coda” Snyder.

Listeners will enjoy each character’s signature theme along with key mood and event music, topped off with variations of the riveting trailer music that fans have enjoyed leading up to the game’s release. Even more exciting is the fact that the soundtrack is available ahead of the game’s digital release on May 16, 2024. The Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER soundtrack is available on all streaming platforms and digital storefronts today, and you can listen through your platform of choice here.

NEURODIVER’s story centers around ES88, an esper tasked with capturing Golden Butterfly, a psychic entity hiding in the memories of others. Play as ES88 and join her cyborg colleague GATE, and the creature known as a NEURODIVER to help repair the memories Golden has damaged and stop them in their tracks in this “psy-fi” adventure! Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is developed by Midboss and published by Chorus Worldwide and is planned for release on Switch.

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