Today, ATLUS shared new details about their highly-anticipated RPG Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. The latest info drop highlights the new sacred and solemn dungeon “Shakan,” a forbidden land hidden in Shinjuku, and the game’s revamped gameplay systems, including the new extreme post-clear mode “Godborn.” Along with that, we get a batch of new screens and art, plus a breakdown on new foes (or allies) joining the game’s roster of 270+ demons. You can get a look at all of that content below.


Onyankopon A demon new to the series. A sky god to the Ashanti people and other tribes in West Africa. One of the aliases of the supreme god Nyame, said to mean "the all-knowing and all-seeing." Anansi A demon new to the series.​ A folkloric hero of the Ashanti and other tribes in West Africa. He is known as a trickster who gets by on his wit and cunning. Nyami Nyami A demon new to the series. ​The Zambezi River god of the Tonga and Lozi tribes of southern Africa. He has the body of a snake and the head of a fish or dragon. He is said to protect people near the water and provide them with sustenance. **FIELD** Bethel’s Sacred Space - Shakan: In this work, the story takes place in the real Tokyo and another devastated Tokyo, Da'at.​ ​Canon of Vengeance will feature a new dungeon, "Shakan." A sacred place and a forbidden land hidden in Shinjuku.​ Shakan possesses a solemn atmosphere. ​The rotation devices and the angels that guard the sacred place stand in the way. **SYSTEM** World of Shadows In addition to combining demons in the world of paganism that one visits by accessing the leyline fount, the protagonist and his/her demons can be strengthened through the Apotheosis. Miracles Within the Netherworld, one can obtain Glory, which represents the majesty of God. In the World of Shadows you can learn Miracles by using Glory. ​Miracles are considered miraculous deeds that alter the world's providence, and the types of Miracles range from those that give an advantage in Netherworld exploration and battles against demons, to those that affect conversation, fusion, skill affinity, and growth.​ Collect Glory, learn Miracles, and strengthen the protagonist.​ Some Miracles can be turned on or off at will. (New Miracle) Support Skill: Estoma Numerous new Miracles have been added. One of the skills, Estoma, can be activated by triggering a Magatsuhi gauge. While it is activated, you are undetectable by all but a few demons on the field, and when you encounter a demon, the demon disappears, and combat will be avoided.​ Essence Fusion When exploring Da'at, you may obtain an “Essence,” a spirit that is a copy of a demon's abilities. Essences exist for each demon and contain the demon's skills and affinity resistances. By fusing it with the protagonist, you will be able to change the protagonist’s skills or affinity resistances.​ Essences can also be fused with demons, and skills can be freely replaced, excluding unique skills. ​ Subquest Demons and characters in the field requests help in “Subquests”, which, if completed, will reward the user with various rewards. There are a wide variety of subquests, such as those where you "take control of a demon," as well as "timed quests" which must be completed within a certain number of moon phases. In addition to events that occur in Da'at, subquests may also occur in real Tokyo. Subquest – Return of the True Demon The DLC quests sold in Shin Megami Tensei V are included in this title as standard features, and one of them, "Return of the True Demon," can be completed by fulfilling certain conditions. <Chaos> Demi-fiend can be added as your party member. ​A true challenge for the experienced adventurer, this quest will test your tactics and courage in a battle like no other! Virtual Trainer Located with the Diet Building is the Virtual Trainer, which allows you to challenge past foes in either a single fight or a series of continuous battles.​ In the battle format, players can choose between the "Original Mode" which faithfully reproduces the strength of the enemy, and the “Challenge Mode" in which the enemy has been greatly enhanced compared to the original mode.​ In the "Challenge Mode," each time the game is cleared, the level of enemies to be rematched increases by 100.The battle with the virtual trainer will still result in a game over if you lose, so be sure to prepare carefully before taking on the challenge. Level Limit Breaking By fulfilling certain conditions, a new Miracle [Moral Transcendence] can be acquired. Once learned, the maximum level of Nahobino and his demons can be increased to 150, so create the strongest party of your own to your heart's content. Post-clear Succession Features In this game, after clearing the main story, you can start playing again with some of the data carried over by loading the clear data.​ Data transfer can be selected from the following patterns, and once conditions are met, "Godborn" can be selected. Data transfer can be selected from the following patterns, and once conditions are met, "Creation" can be selected. Newborn It retains the following elements. This is for those who want to replay the game while retaining the difficulty of the battles.​ - Enemy Status Information​ - Demon Compendium​ - Removal of fusion restrictions​ - Some Miracles Reborn In addition to the elements carried over from the "newborn" version, the following elements are also carried over. This is recommended for those who want to play the game again but want to make battles easier.​ Nahobino’s abilities, including Miracles​ - Ally demons​ - Items, including Macca and other valuables​\ - Glory Godborn The elements to be taken over are the same as in "reborn," but the enemy demons that appear are greatly enhanced. Recommended for those seeking a new playing experience through extreme battles.
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