Famicom Talk Shop Kobayashi Toy Store, a Japanese podcast focused on the Famicom has released their final episode and, along with their usual talk about the classic console, they also played and competed in the brand new Nintendo World Championships NES Edition (or Famicom Edition, rather).

This is an hour-long broadcast showcasing many of the features we saw in the trailer, but where you see them in greater detail, so grab your popcorn and enjoy everything the game has to offer!

Bring the excitement of the Nintendo World Championships into your own home with the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition game! Test your speedrunning skills in over 150 challenges from across 13 different NES games. Aim for the best time in Speedrun Mode, compete for a spot on the global online leaderboards in World Championship Mode, or gather up to 8 players in local Party Mode. With “byte-sized” challenges and an automatic rewind feature, you don’t need to master entire games to feel like a Nintendo World Champion!

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition launches on Nintendo eShop July 18, 2024. A Deluxe Set, which includes a gold-colored replica Game Pak, 13 art cards, five pins, and a physical game card, will also be available. Pre-orders for the digital version of the game are available now on Nintendo eShop.

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