ATLUS shared a complete guide for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance today detailing everything they’ve showcased so far along with some new details, 50 of them to be exact.

That’s right, 50 brand new features are coming to this version of the game and if you haven’t had time to watch the complete guide above, we’ve listed them here for your convenience:

  • Innate Skills: Passive skills unique to each demon.
  • Group Skills: Certain skills that activate when certain demons work together.
  • Magatsuhi Demon: Formidable opponents who will randomly appear as you explore the netherworld.
  • Magatsu Rails: Connections between two points which allow for fast travel.
  • Level Cap Unlock: level limit can be raised to 150.
  • Virtual Trainer: Bonus challenge allowing you to battle a series of bosses you’ve encountered.
  • Guest Characters: Human companions can fight alongside you in “Canon of Vengeance”.
  • Demi-fiend joining the party
  • Demon Haunts: Interact with demons, human guests and Aogami.
  • Consecutive Encounters: enemy reinforcements appear during combat.
  • Variations in Demon conversations
  • Adjustment on “Mercy”
  • Addition of stats-reset item for the protagonist
  • Dyad Compendium Fusion
  • Expansion on Fusion Accidents
  • New Da’at: Shinjuku: New Location
  • New Dungeon: Shakan:
  • Aogami Husks
  • Abscess Obstruction Removed
  • Fewer flying demon encounters
  • Expanded the obtainable range of relics
  • Added height difference indication to the map
  • Additional Quest Navigators
  • Quest navigator now has highlight effects when moving
  • First Strike Adjustment
  • Addition of Miracles ON/OFF function
  • Tutorial Recap: Revisit the tutorial at any point.
  • Variety of subquests: Additional subquests have been added.
  • Added destination indication to some subquests
  • Mitigation on level difference adjustments
  • Auto-skill: a new mode where players use their skills during Auto-Battle
  • Expansion of control options
  • Expanded options for graphics
  • Double speed setting for skill cutscenes
  • Adding information about a character’s Essence
  • Enhancements to the Essence screen
  • Enhanced sorting functionality
  • Receiving gifts or learning skills via Fusion
  • Enhancements to the Compendium
  • Estoma Field: adjustments to the Estoma skill.
  • Addition of “sky view” which allows you to view your surroundings
  • Added the “landmark function” to the map
  • Transmission of obstacles in the field
  • Addition of ON/OFF function for map icons
  • Minimap Rotation
  • Added recommended level indication to subquests
  • Batch use of growth items
  • Improved experience items
  • Save anywhere implementation
  • New Game Plus feature “Godborn”

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will be released on July 14th, 2024.

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