Cotton Reboot! High Tension! announced for Switch

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10 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

BEEP has announced that the side-scrolling shmup Cotton Reboot! High Tension! is coming to Switch. The title is slated for a Spring 2025 release in Japan, and it will be a sequel to the 2021 game, Cotton Reboot!. This title will see both physical and digital release.

While BEEP didn’t show any screens, they did share artwork for the new playable character Macaron, as well as the villain Willow. You can see those characters in the artwork below.

BEEP plans to hold voice actor auditions for Macaron and Willow, and they’ll also be looking for an ambassador/influencer to promote the game. Last but not least, the soundtrack for Cotton Reboot! High Tension! will be composed by Hiroyuki Kawada and Japanese chiptune band YMCK.

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