If a Nintendo game exists, Did You Know Gaming is going to take a deep dive and discovery every behind-the-scenes tidbit, development story and secret there is. The team has done it time and time again over the years, but in this latest release, the DYKG crew is taking a look at Nintendo games that might not exist at all.

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at several rumored Super Mario games, and gets to the bottom of whether or not the rumors were true. There have been so many rumored Mario titles over the years, and some of them were 100% made-up, others turned out to be true, and others still rest somewhere in the middle.

Give the video a watch to learn about some rumored Mario titles that did eventually release, and others that may have been rolled into other projects over the years. Even if a rumored Mario game hasn’t popped up yet, you never know when Nintendo will make the rumor a reality!

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