To say that the launch of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has been rocky would be an understatement. While there was all kinds of excitement leading up to launch, the game’s arrival was met with all sorts of complaints from players, and that’s doubly so for the Switch version.

Across the board there have been issues with how the game runs, questions about where some of the content is, confusion over how DLC will be distributed and so on. In order to try and get everyone on the same page, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes developer Rabbit and Bear Studios has released a rather lengthy statement addressing everything and anything fans have been asking about.

The response from the devs starts off with a sizable statement apologizing to fans for the many hiccups, and you can read that in full below.

We are currently receiving reports and suggestions from our valued backers on various matters, but we have not been able to respond to them adequately. We are very sorry about this and sincerely apologize.

This project is being carried out in cooperation with various partners, both domestic and international, and we have been considering and negotiating with them as a top priority, but there have been many unforeseen events, and it has taken us some time to make clear announcements and adjustments.

Rabbit & Bear Studios does not want the situation to continue to the detriment of everyone, so we have decided to report what we can honestly answer at this time as the developer.

We have not yet fully followed up on the situation, and it is possible that the situation may change outside of our control in the future, but we hope to continue to be as transparent as possible in communicating the situation.

[Rabbit & Bear Studios]

The rest of the FAQ goes over plans for DLC, shares updates on physical rewards, talks fixes in the works, and so much more. It’s a laundry list of things to attempt, and there’s no doubt more things will need to be adjusted or pushed back as time rolls on, but at least some sort of plan is in place.

To read the full details of what’s going on and what will be addressed, you can check out the FAQ here.

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