Nintendo, Universal and Illumination have already confirmed that a second animated Mario movie is in the works. I mean, everyone pretty much expected that already, as the first film has a teaser at the end that points to further Mushroom Kingdom developments. We also know the movie is coming April 3rd, 2026, but we don’t have any actual details on its story. Unfortunately for us, the film’s biggest star isn’t talking.

GamesRadar recently had the chance to talk with Chris Pratt, the voice of Mario, to try and get some more insight into the second Mario movie. While Pratt was tight-lipped on the Mario follow-up, he did share expectations for Nintendo’s cinematic efforts going forward. According to Pratt, the next decade or so should be chock-full of Nintendo movie mayhem.

“I can’t tell you much but I can say that there is another Mario movie coming. It gets me very excited thinking about the world of Mario and Nintendo in general, I think over the next decade we will be seeing lots of stories coming out of that world. I was thrilled, honored, and blessed to be part of the first one and moving forward I’m open to doing as much and as little as they want from me. I can’t say much but I am just as excited as everyone else.”

[Chris Pratt]

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