Data Man is now available for the NES! Check out this brand new game from Darkbits (Olof Naessen, Per Larsson, Ted Steen) in physical edition available on the Broke Studio shop NOW!

A collection of cosmic rays has flipped bits in all the wrong ways in your video game system, sparking evil lifeforms with the sole purpose of consuming energy and leaving the system and its data corrupted. Led by the Master and his minions, they target the heart of the system – the Central Processing Unit. If it fails, the system is doomed.

But all is not lost, the system is not defenceless. Data Men, protectors and guardians of the system, are swiftly deployed to fight against the evil invaders and the corruption. You are a Data Man soldier! It’s up to you to save the system. Face it alone or with a friend.

This game features

  • a Multidirectional Shooter for the NES
  • 2-player co-op mode
  • protect the Central Processing Unit from hordes of attacking minions
  • kill evil corrupted bosses
[Press release]

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