In recent years, SEGA has been commissioning animated features to go along with various Sonic games. Titles like Sonic Mania, Sonic Superstars and more have all included lovely animated segments, and now we know that Sonic x Shadow Generations will do the same.

SEGA has announced that Sonic x Shadow Generations is going to include a prequel animation, and its been titled Dark Beginnings. You can see a piece of teaser art for the animation above, with more details set to come July 6th, 2024.

The new details on Dark Beginnings will be shared at a special Anime Expo 2024 panel, and special guests Takashi Iizuka, Kirk Thornton, and Stephanie Sheh will all be attending. The panel will not only showcase more of Dark Beginnings, but it will also offer up answers to fan questions about the project. Whatever news gets shared, we’ll be sure to bring it to you!

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