Fashion Dreamer has been updated to Ver. 1.5.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below. Additionally, the final limited-time Fair will be held in June. From July onwards, there will be a re-run of past Fairs, + New items (including patterns and Muse parts) will be added ahead of the game’s 1st Anniversary in November.

New Features and Content
  • 6th limited-time Fair: Retro Pop Fair
    • 6 patterns
    • 1 hairstyle
    • 1 eyeliner
    • 2 poses
    • 6 photo frames
    • 4 showroom items
  • Adds 10 new patterns
    • 4 patterns are available via gacha.
    • 1 hair colour
    • 1 eyebrow colour
    • 1 eyelash colour
    • 1 beard colour
    • 1 lips colour
    • 1 make-up colour
    • 12 showroom items
    • Hair colour: 1 type
Changes and Improvements
  • Increases the maximum number of items held.
    • Increases the maximum number of items you can hold from 6,000 to 9,000
  • Increases the number of Muses you can follow and adds related indicator on-screen.
    • Increases the number of Muses you can follow has been from 200 to 500.
    • Adds “Number of followers / Maximum number of Muses you can follow” indicator to the player’s Muse in My Worlds.
  • Adjusts Bonus Drops for using LookIt
    • Adjusts Bonus Drops for using LookIt in order to give players the opportunity to obtain more gacha and Photo items. You’re now more likely to get Gacha Tickets and Lucky Coins after using Lookit. The number of Gacha Tickets you can get has been increased from 1-10 to 5-50.
  • Adjusts Gacha drop rates
    • Makes adjustments to  Gacha drop rates based on previous drop rate adjustments in order to increase chances of getting gacha items of various rarities.
  • Fixes showroom shelves
    • You can now place certain shoes and head items on shelves in the showroom, which was previously impossible.
  • Makes adjustments to the Photo Item Venching Machine
    • Changes the timing of line-up refreshes for the Photo Item Vending Machine in order to allow players to enjoy the photo feature even more. From now on, the line-up will refresh every time you access the vending machine, and not at fixed intervals anymore.
  • Improves stability and fixes minor bugs.

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