The AK-xolotl “Beach Episode” update is now live. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Biome: welcome to “La Playa”! A new alternative biome 3 is now available, and you will be able to decide which path to take. And of course, a new biome also means new enemies. Have fun exploring and getting wet! We couldn’t have an amphibian as a playable character and not have a water biome, right?

New Boss : alongside our new biome, you will be able to face a brand-new boss, the Killer Calves! Have you been skipping leg day? We hope not, and you are ready since these waves are not your typical ankle slappers! And maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to smile back at this smiling bro and say, “Let me get one wave before you take me”.

New Axolittles: reports tell us that new axolittles have been spotted in the wild, time to hatch ‘em all!

New Enemies: The adorable Pengu with its dual revolvers, a floating octopus with the eyes of a killer, a cocktail of a couple deadly shrimps, a puffer, and we even have reports of some sort of crab tank.

Bug Fixes

  • Bolter bullets incorrect acceleration that was making them come back is fixed
  • Removed the exploit that allowed to enter Daily Runs before unlocking them
  • Ingredient stone was not being able to be destroyed in a specific room in biome 1. You can destroy it now.
  • Fixed the issue when equipping Utility Belt or other items that modify the total amount of ammo, the total ammo would reduce when you picked up a weapon of the same type
  • The Azrael skin was displaying a white square when obtaining it
  • Fixed the issue that allowed the button to confirm actions in the pause menu also had effect in the gameplay.
  • Removed the Elephant Gun bullet shadow that was remaining on the floor after the elephant was gone
  • Fixed the issue with Tardigrade enemy bullets that would get bugged when using the Decoy ability
  • Blisstaker menu options is now displaying the correct color if the option is maxed out
  • Fixed the issue with the first Zanzi dialogue that would stay on the screen when walked up before seeing the tutorial of Chaos Trials
  • Fixed the bug where the Journal option in the pause menu would be skipped if the player tried to select it going from bottom to top
  • Caterkillah achievement was being unlocked early with a wrong condition in some cases
  • Devil Bunny fire shall not stay on the ground when restarting a run anymore
  • The issue where bigger knock back provided by items could trap some flying/floating enemies inside walls has been fixed
  • Fixed bug where the player would be unable to drop the babies
  • Fixed the issue where helmet was not protecting against some enemies or traps explosions
  • Fixed the issue that allowed Obsidian Horn to heal even if the No-Healing modifier active in Chaos Trials
  • Aiming direction small offset has been adjusted

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