Vigor has been updated to Ver. 19.0 (Chronicles: Deception). You can find the patch notes for this update below.

Main Features & New Additions

  • Chronicles: Deception arrives to the Battle Pass
  • Take a bite out of the competition with the new Barracuda knife
  • New Premium Pack: Scarlet Reaver Pack has arrived
  • Fan favorite packs return – with a twist
  • New daily and seasonal challenges added
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements

Gameplay and Visuals

  • Added: New seasonal cosmetics
  • Added: Viper V4 knife now available through loot on maps and Loot Events
  • Tweaked: Legacy Seasons removed
  • Tweaked: Visual polish for One-Eyed Menace pack
  • Tweaked: Visual polish Cataclysm Commander Pack
  • Tweaked: Further fixes to decrease error 0 occurrences
  • Fixed: Exits locked on Anikken and Batterie: Snodekt
  • Fixed: Interior visibility for three buildings on Brodalen Bridges
  • Fixed: Wind Mask clipping with female archetypes
  • Fixed: Outdoor Rucksack geometry tweaked to prevent clipping issues
  • Fixed: Infiltrator Hood geometry tweaked to prevent clipping issues
  • Fixed: Patrol Pack geometry tweaked to prevent clipping issues
  • Fixed: Stretched geometry on characters during gestures and at the start of Encounters
  • Fixed: Deepfreeze skin incorrectly applied to some weapons
  • Fixed: Service Uniform reskinned to prevent delayed face animations during gestures
  • Fixed: Character animation distortion during sprint-vaulting
  • Fixed: Snow Scrim weapon skin obstructing scope on L86A1
  • Fixed: Missing animation for observer when turning character
  • Fixed: Unable to break locks on Locked Containers using explosives
  • Fixed: Switching menus possible while opening Crates in the Shelter
  • Fixed: Battle Pass displaying incorrect XP values
  • Fixed: Health bar and weapon HUD invisible upon opening and closing the inventory
  • Fixed: Drawings marking Exits missing on Kjerstin and Viktorsen Station
  • Fixed: Generic UI polishes in the lobby and Store tab
  • Fixed: General map polish and collision adjustments
  • Fixed: Localization typos

Known Issues

  • Sounds and audio occasionally get muted for players
  • Rewards screen for all game modes does not trigger properly in some cases – rewards are awarded to the player’s account even if the screen is skipped

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