New trailer released for Whacking Hell!

You whacking it in there?!

16 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Sanuk Games is delighted to announce that its new roguelite bullet heaven game, “Whacking Hell!”, is a mere few weeks away from landing on Switch. Ahead of its launch, a new trailer has been shared and you can check it out above.

The gates of hell have opened: whack all the monsters before they whack you! Collect their souls, ramp up your weapons and your spells, and become a slaughtering machine! Defeat waves of enemy attacks and nasty bosses by choosing the right path of upgrades.

Key features:

  • Frantic top-down 2D shooting.
  • 5 characters and 5 main weapons to unlock.
  • 3 chapters - each chapter contains dozens of waves of enemies and two bosses to defeat.
  • Acquire special powers and ramp up your skills during the game session, so you can face the ever-increasing diAiculty within the chapter.
  • Acquire permanent upgrades in between game sessions, so you can progress in the game.
  • Reveal dozens of monster species in the bestiary.
[Press release]

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