SMITE has had some unique collabs in the past, but the newest and strangest yet has just gone live.

Fans of the band Slipknot will want to hop into SMITE today to enjoy a one-of-a-kind crossover that includes nine skins, plus three of Slipknot’s biggest anthems—Duality, Psychosocial, and The Devil In I.

Wielding a huge guitar or bass as a terrifying ax, Mick Thomson, Jim Root and Alessandro Venturella are playable as Chaac skins. There are no fewer than three Slipknot percussionists, Michael Pfaff, Jay Weinberg, and the notorious clown, each going to battle in their Raijin skin. Lead vocalist Corey Taylor, DJ Sid Wilson, and keyboardist Craig Jones become Poseidon. Skins feature unique voice lines including some dubbed by band members themselves, while the percussionist clown designed some of the sound effects.

All skins can also be unlocked in the Slipknot chest for 600 Gems – discounted to 500 only for this update. The chest holds two bundles of cosmetics showcasing the band’s universe, such as Recall skins, Avatars, and more.

The Slipknot Music Theme is granted as a bonus reward with any three event items. Three classic tracks – Duality, Psychosocial, and The Devil In I – turn into martial tunes perfect to fight the gods in SMITE. These head-banging, blistering tracks were put together and programmed in a new ambitious way by the game’s Audio Lead, Kellen Malone.

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