Remakes are a big part of the game industry right now. Every publisher under the sun is looking to snag remake rights, and developers are quick to turn to their classics in order to revive them for modern-day audiences. Forever Entertainment is no stranger to the remake scene, and they believe they’ve found the perfect platform for their revamps.

In an interview with Games Industry, Forever Entertainment communications and marketing manager Monika Ginter spoke about the company’s remake output, much of which has found its way to Switch. According to Ginter, there’s simply no better platform right now for their remakes than Nintendo’s hybrid.

“Until now, our remakes have focused on games from Japan, and Japanese gamers have shown great excitement for our updated versions of classics. In terms of platforms, we consider the Nintendo Switch as the ideal platform for various classic remakes. We appreciate the accessibility of the Nintendo Switch. With a diverse user base, our games can reach a broad audience, including those who may not have encountered classics like Front Mission or Panzer Dragoon before.”

[Monika Ginter, Forever Entertainment communications and marketing manager]

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1M ago

This company has published so much garbage in the eShop that I won't give a chance to another game with their name attached to it.