When it comes to painstakingly chronicling world records in videogames, no one does it better than Summoning Salt. The gaming world record aficionado puts an absolute mountain of work and effort into breaking down the history of those records, and this time he’s turned his focus to Tetris on the NES.

As usual, there’s more than just one world record for Tetris on the NES. Depending on the methodology and approach, players can virtually compete to be the best in the world in numerous areas. You might think Tetris to be a rather straightforward affair, but as this documentary shows, there are all sorts of attempts, approaches and innovations that lead to the entire world record scene being flipped on its head.

The world record scene for Tetris has been active pretty much since the game launched, yet players are still pushing to be the best literal decades after this title first hit the scene. The ways in which players have not only discovered for speeding up gameplay, but pushing the game beyond its limits is downright staggering. If you haven’t been following the Tetris world record scene, you’re in for an absolute treat with this doc.

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