It’s time for you and your friends to jump into the fun world of Cassette Beasts! Beginning today, a multiplayer update is available in the creature collector RPG with a new multiplayer mode, along with an exciting Moonstone Island in-game collaboration event.

Multiplayer Update - Beginning today, players can party and explore the world of Cassette Beasts with up to 8 friends, all visible in their world, as well as join a “Play With Friends” mode, where they can match with anyone on their friends list via an invite code. The multiplayer update allows players to challenge their friends in PvP battles and assign custom rules to their battle such as enabling/disabling sticker attributes, as well as team up for 2-player co-op raids against Rogue Fusions, and trade tapes with each other.

Moonstone Island In-Game Collaboration Event - Starting tomorrow, May 21st, players can check out the cross and in-game collaboration event with Moonstone Island, bringing new content to both games. Cassette Beasts has added Moonstone Island-themed costumes and Cassette Beasts’ Pombomb has been added to Moonstone Island’s Spirit roster.

Cassette Beasts is the open-world RPG that lets you collect and transform into awesome monsters in thrilling turn-based battles. Dive in today and discover why this imaginative journey of exploration and friendship is one of the best-reviewed games of the year!

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