DROS is on the final stretch to the hands of Nintendo Switch players. Created by emergeWorlds, and publishing by top indie game developer RedDeed.Games – DROS, has just begun the Nintendo Switch certification process. More information on the game’s release date will be available soon.

DROS is an expansive puzzle platformer in 3D cartoon style. The game tells the story of two protagonists: a human bounty hunter and a small wacky creature – Dros. Each of them has different abilities, but only by joining forcesthey can manage to get out of the gloom and full of secrets Alchemy Tower. And there are as many as 40 levels to go!

Little Dros and Captain are very different beings but they’ll have to put aside their differences to make it out of the spooky Alchemy Tower in one piece. Unravel the mysteries within the Tower as you meet its strange inhabitants. Collect alchemical treasures and explore a world where there’s a twist around every corner.

You’ll need to body swap! Jump, squirm and stealth around as Little Dros. Open heavy doors, weigh down pressure plates and clear a path as Captain. Oh, and beware… every one of the 40 levels of the Tower is unique!

Chat with many odd and loveable characters on your journey. Humans and Dros alike live within the Tower. It’s a place where the lines between good and evil are blurred.

There’s a whole bunch of obstacles to overcome. You’ll use both brains and brawn to solve puzzles, fight off creepy creatures, put together alchemical treasures and uncover the many stories within.

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