Today Gearbox Publishing released the free Devotion Update for hit action roguelike Risk of Rain 2, granting players on all platforms access to a vibrant new map, two Artifacts, and a collaboration Alt Skin from the roguelike-Metroidvania Dead Cells:

Verdant Falls: This stage is a biodiverse area of Petrichor V full of lush vegetation, billowing waterfalls, and galactic wreckage.

Artifact of Devotion: Cultivate your own personal army of Lemurians! This artifact replaces drones with eggs. Players can hatch the eggs by surrendering an item, releasing a Lemurian to fight alongside them. The sacrificed items imbue their effects on the Lemurians, who grow and evolve as they feast on your foes!

Artifact of Delusion: This artifact closes all chests after a teleporter event, allowing them to be later re-opened by players. But there’s a twist: you have to correctly identify which item previously came out of the chest. Guess correctly, and new riches are yours! Guess wrong, and you’ll lose the item.

Collab Skin: Dead Cells’ protagonist, The Prisoner, joins the rank of the Survivors as a free Alt Skin for the Mercenary.

Prepare for an expedition deep into Petrichor V’s lost regions! Ancient Lemurian temples and crashing waterfalls lead the way across new stages. Explore the caverns and take in the suspicious smell of strawberries in [REDACTED]. Fend off scores of Lemurians within their Reformed Altar. Or drop into the lush green canopy of the Treeborn Colony. But the true threat towers overhead… Travel the path of the Colossus and ascend its levels in a race to confront The False Son. Defeat him and unlock the true power of his Soul!

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