Super Mario 64 mod lets you build and share your own levels

If you build it, Nintendo will come...

20 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nintendo gave us Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2, two games that let us build our own 2D platforming Mario stages and share them with the world. Now one modder out there has taken that idea and shifted it into 3D with Mario Builder 64, a mod of Super Mario 64 that Nintendo will no doubt be unhappy to see.

Just like the Super Mario Maker series, Mario Builder 64 gives you tools to create your own 3D stages in Super Mario 64. You can even share these builds with other players, allowing you to showcase just how good or bad your stage-building skills are compared to what Nintendo has cooked up over the years.

Obviously, this kind of project seems like the exact thing Nintendo would move on to shut down. That likely means it’s just a matter of time until most evidence of this impressive mod is scrubbed from the internet. Until then, we’ll get to see what budding devs, Mario superfans and platforming enthusiasts can cook up in the retro 3D space of Super Mario 64.

For more details on Mario Builder 64, you can check out the YouTube description for the video above.


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26d ago

This is distributed as a patch, so no, Nintendo will probably do nothing.
Romhacks distributed as patches never get taken down by Nintendo.