Back in March, we learned that Pokémon Co. was teaming with NEMU RESORT, a hotel located in Japan’s Mie Prefecture. That hotel was giving some of their rooms an Oshawott makeover, complete with a color scheme that matches the Pokémon, all sorts of themed pillows and plushies, and wall-to-wall Oshawott decorations as well. Turns out they’re not the only hotel feeling the Oshawott makeover.

Toba Hotel, yet another hotel in Japan’s Mie Prefecture, is offering an Oshawott-themed experience as well. Their special Pokémon amenities will be available to guests starting May 20th, 2024, and you can get a look at the room designs in the image above. If you’re an Oshawott megafan, there’s no better place to lay your head at night!

Again, just as with NEMU RESORT, those who stay in an Oshawott room at Toba Hotel will also get to take home some Oshawott tea Bags and a towel after their stay. If you’d like to see more pictures of the rooms, the tea set and other goodies, you can find a gallery here.

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