Alien Hominid HD has been updated to Ver. 1.1. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

New Stuff

  • New – Added new Turbo Fire option for aliens with tired thumbs!
  • New – Added option to change player hats during gameplay (destroy things fashionably)

To utilize both of these new features, open up the settings menu, navigate to player options, turn on Turbo Fire, and choose your hat of choice!

Restoration Software

  • Art – Restored the original art for 1-4 boss’s body
  • Audio – Restored original music for the All You Can Eat minigame
  • Audio – Restored the background music in 2-6 to the original “BassGun” music track
  • Cutscene – Restored the original ending cutscene, credits and music

Bug Fixes

  • Art/Animation – Fixed a visual bug with the bear in 2-2
  • Art/Animation – Tweaked agent running animation in the attract screen to make it smoother
  • Art/Animation – Fixed visual bugs with with the helicopter and first boss in 1-5
  • Art/Animation – Fixed visual bugs with the Pudding Boss
  • Art/Animation – Fixed a visual flicker with jet enemies in 1-5
  • Art/Animation – Fixed a visual bug with the 2-3 flamethrower smoke animation
  • Audio – Properly looped the agent truck SFX in 1-1 intro cinematic
  • Audio – Fixed a bug with SFX continuing to play after defeating the 2-2 bear boss
  • Level – Fixed a softlock that would occur after Bustletron in 1-1
  • Level – Fixed an incorrect camera position at the start of 1-1
  • Level – Fixed a bug causing the 3-3 boss head to disappear and softlock
  • Level – Fixed visual issues with the Tank’s turret cannonball fire in the 1-4 intro cutscene
  • Level – Fixed bug with the Pudding Boss not going into the “dazed” state when shooting after spraying them with the fire hydrant
  • Localization – various translation bug fixes and additions

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