I don’t know what’s going on with Stephen A. Smith lately, but his fans and followers seem to be obsessed with talking to him about Pokémon. There have been countless videos over the the last few months that show Smith answering fan questions about Pokémon, and today brings us the latest installment in the saga.

This time around, one fan was eager to know who Smith thought could come out the victor in a one-on-one game, Mewtwo or Lebron James. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about a Pokémon battle here, but instead, action on the court. How fans keep coming up with these random questions is beyond me, but Smith is more than happy to engage.

I won’t spoil the fun on which Pokémon Smith chooses, but he does go into the pros and cons for each side. Give the video to see his pick, and then offer up your thoughts on who you think would dominate!

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29d ago

Well, Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon, so he could pretty much do whatever he wants with the ball and James would be powerless to stop him. Steal the ball without committing a foul, he could dunk it with ease (serious hangtime), not to mention shoot 3's from the backcourt like it was nothing. Heck, Mewtwo couldn't even be called for double dribbling or traveling.