Time and time again, we’ve seen success stories for games on Switch. New games bringing in millions, remasters and remakes luring old and new fans alike, and ports doing big business. The Switch may be a bit long in the tooth now, but that hasn’t stopped it from ushering in more software success stories, and today brings us the latest example.

THQ Nordic Japan recently launched Biomutant for Switch, and it seems like the title is off to an absolutely amazing start. While specific figures weren’t shared, THQ Nordic Japan did say that the Switch launch of Biomutant is selling about 20 times above the company’s expectations. This is such a good result that even THQ Nordic Japan has said they’re surprised by the results.

If anything, the Switch has proven that owners are more than willing to jump in on any kind of game, and that includes titles that arrive years later than other versions. Biomutant first dropped for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One in May 2021, followed by PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in Sept. 2022. Now the Switch has finally gotten its chance, and the long wait seems to have had no impact in Japan.

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25d ago

Now just imagine what the sales would have been if they actually prioritized a Switch version to launch alongside other platforms, instead of showing up two years late...


24d ago

Congrats THQ Nordic Japan on breaking 20 units sold already!