The team behind Palia has been toiling away on the game ever since launch, and they’re about to release the game’s biggest update yet. Ahead of that massive content drop on May 28th, 2024, the developers have shared a heaping helping of insight into just what players can expect.

Rather thing mince words, you can see the devs talking directly about what this huge update entails, and there’s going to be some major features included. Read on below to see what’s in the works!

Major changes will be made to a lot of areas in the game that we’re bundling as an “Economy Update,” and we wanted to take the time to go over our approach and what’s in store.

Something we value a lot for Palia is allowing players to play how you want to play. We also want Palians to feel that your time spent in the game is properly rewarded, no matter what activity you engage in. It’s something we think we missed the mark with initially, and have spent a lot of time evaluating changes that can be seen as positive improvements across the board. A lot of our changes will be focused on improving several areas when it comes to gold earned, and also gold spent.

Overall, we’ve tuned things so that most players should be earning more gold, paired with many items having recipe requirements and gold costs reduced.

In particular, what we noticed is that a lot of the gold earned in the game felt concentrated in certain areas, and not enough for several other skills. Gold earned from Mining will be tuned down, but to make up for it, the gold earned from other skills such as Foraging, Insect Catching, Hunting, and Fishing will be buffed. Thus, all skills should be on a more comparable and even playing field.

With 0.180, players will be earning more gold from these active skills than they were prior, and the sources will be more evenly distributed.

Other changes include granting more gold in areas such as quest progression and found treasure chests, as well as majorly reducing craft timers for Buildings.

So, TLDR: Lots of positive changes where you can expect to see more resources and more gold coming your way.

General Changes

  • Gold and Renown limits will be raised
  • Drops for Flow-Infused Wood will be raised
  • The cost to unlock the Copper Storage Recipe will be reduced
  • Treasure Chests found in the world will have better rewards to help out new players as they explore
  • Over half of existing Workbench recipes have been revisited, with about 85% having reduced requirements (though some were increased as well)
  • The craft times for Gold and Silver Bars have been reduced from hours down to minutes
  • Trees now have a chance to drop Amber, which can be sold as a high-value item
  • The sell value for many Uncommon/Rare/Legendary items will increase for most skills

Housing Changes

  • Several building add-ons will take significantly less time to build — think within a Palian day, not real-life time.
  • Players will receive building add-ons as rewards for reaching initial Furniture-Making Levels
  • This applies retroactively as well through rewards in the Mail

Gardening Changes

  • The cost to purchase Gardening Plots have been reduced
  • Players will receive some seeds for reaching initial Gardening Levels

We also acknowledge that, yes, it’s a lot of stuff we’re trying to do. Following the patch, we’ll be closely monitoring both player feedback and internal data to see if adjustments need to be made, as there’s always room for improvement.

That said, we look forward to seeing how players pick up on the many positive changes in store, as that’s the goal at the end of the day.

Updates to Our Premium Offerings

We plan on doing some new things and adding different types of offerings to the Premium Store.

More Pets

While the Palcats have taken the spotlight for a while now, expect more pets to be added in the future. This includes the upcoming FlutterFox pet! There are five types you can choose from: Leafy, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Tool Skins

Ever felt like adding a bit of glam to your tools? Introducing Tool Skins! We plan on adding three to start out: Spring Sakura, Empyreal, and Leafy Weave.

Fan-Favorite Features

As mentioned in a previous dev update , several features will be making their way to our next patch!

This includes:

  • Building Blocks - Create unique structures with blocks, ramps, pillars, walls, and more!
  • Grand Harvest House - The regular Harvest House not cutting it for you? Unlock an upgraded version with this building!
  • Pavers - Creating winding roads and charming lanes with a variety of shapes and materials.
  • Last but not least, it looks like something special is coming in hot… and by hot, we mean HOTPOT!

Everyone’s favorite minigame has come back as a permanent addition over in the Underground area. Just don’t ask Zeki how he got them…

We’re still hard at work making sure this is a patch you don’t want to miss out on! Make sure to follow our socials for the latest details such as when the patch is happening. Be on the lookout!

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