Get your gadgets ready for the next exploration with a new map, new vehicles and 20+ missions, all for free for all players!

The teams are working hard to improve the game and give players the best possible experience, and they’re happy to announce that the long-awaited co-op mode is coming this summer! Expeditions will continue to offer a lot of free content, including new game mechanics, specialists, vehicles, in addition to the new paid content included as part of the Year 1 Pass.

Unravel a long-buried mystery

After an earthquake in the heart of Arizona, the surroundings no longer look the same. Use all your wilderness exploration skills to find your way through these dangerous and barren hills and canyons.

You’re about to reveal to the world the existence of an unknown civilization: follow the clues, observe the tracks and take part in one of history’s greatest discoveries!

Along the way, discover the Kanab Creek caves, and get ready to continue the adventure underground in future updates!

A content-fueled update: new map, vehicles and objectives!

To help you with the 22 missions, two new vehicles are available: the SIRO 72 T8-H and the AFIM Hornet 622T. A new specialist has also been added to your team, Marcus Kingsley, whose skills will be very handy. And it’s not all, as even more content is coming with future updates.

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