Here on GoNintendo, we’ve actually had reason to talk about actress Hunter Schafer a couple of times in the past. In the past, Schafer responded to fan requests for her to play Zelda in a live-action Legend of Zelda movie by saying she’d be down for the role and was actually familiar with the franchise already. That was followed up by Schafer doubling down on her fondness for the series, saying she still plays Legend of Zelda games to this day.

The stars have aligned once again for more Nintendo-related Hunter Schafer chatter, as a new Vogue Magazine photoshoot featuring Schafer also spotlights the Switch. You can see the single image above, which shows off Schafer playing something in handheld mode while she’s presumably glancing up at the TV, or whatever momentarily distracted her.

Yes, it’s clear this whole photoshoot is a setup rather than a candid shot. We don’t know the intentions behind the shoot, nor do we know why Vogue felt it important for Schafer to be holding a Switch. To be honest, none of that really matters, as it’s just cool to see a big-time actor spreading the word on Nintendo!


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