If you follow the piracy and hacking side of Nintendo news, you’ll no doubt remember the name Gary Bowser. Bowser was part of the hacking group Team-Xecuter, which paved the way for products that allowed people to play pirated games on the 3DS and Switch. Once Nintendo became aware of Team-Xecuter’s involvement and Bowser’s ties, it led to Bowser paying $10 million in damages to Nintendo along with serving jail time.

In a new interview with Unilad, Bowser opens up about the whole experience, and he’s now calling it a blessing.

“Life is path of choices, I made the wrong one, that is for sure, but in some ways I look at result now, after all this happened, as a blessing.

I was drinking too much each day in the Dominican Republic, gaining too much weight as well. Time in jail helped me take a deep hard look at my life, resolve some personal issues on why I was drinking daily, and now I’m back in Canada I have been able to reconnect with those that truly care and loved me as friend and human being.

That’s been very helpful in getting my life restarted, so I am now back on track and looking forward to having many more decades of living. My health and wellbeing is my focus in my life now, and having those that truly care close to me. No more stupid sh*t.”

[Gary Bowser]

While Bowser might consider the whole ordeal a blessing, he’s still got rough days ahead. Gary is dealing with a number of health and money issues, which has led to him launching a GoFundMe. You can find out more details on Gary’s health, the GoFundMe and more through the Unilad interview.

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