Animal Well has been a huge hit since launching, wooing gamers across platforms and bringing about tons of critical praise. As with any big hit, fans are almost instantly curious if there will be a sequel. Thanks to a Reddit AMA, we now have a little bit of insight into what’s next for Animal Well’s creator.

Billy Basso, the mind behind Animal Well, hopped on Reddit to answer some fan questions and was instantly bombarded with sequel requests. While Basso didn’t lay all of his cards out for people to see, he was more open than you might expect.

Basso confirmed that he’s currently planning to make a game that will be in the same “universe” as Animal Well, but was also quick to point out that it may not be a direct sequel. Of course, things can change a million different ways during development, but at least we have some hope of the Animal Well universe going beyond its debut game.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details on whatever Basso does next, and hopefully it’ll find its way to Nintendo’s Switch successor.


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