Kirby’s Dream Buffet might not be the most well-known Kirby game, but it definitely has a legion of fans out there, and those in Japan who loved the experience can look forward to a special bit of merch in the near future.

A series of four watches themed after Kirby’s Dream Buffet will release in Japan come late June 2024, and they’ll be available through Takara Tomy gacha machines. You’ll get one of these four watches at random, and you’ll have to spend $2.55 for each pull.

These aren’t decorative watches, as they actually have digital faces on them that show the time. The digital clock is hiding under Kirby’s face, which can be flipped up to see the time. The collection includes Kirby Pink, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, and Keeby Yellow.

There’s no word on a release outside of Japan at this time, but hopefully an import retailer will snag them soon.

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