The Switch has brought Nintendo so many accolades that it’s hard to keep track of. Sales records busted, software sales have hit new highs, the achievements just go on and on. Today gives Nintendo one more victory, but it’s perhaps the biggest one yet.

The Nintendo Switch currently sits at 32,903,701 units sold in Japan. That figure is enough to beat out the Nintendo DS, which sold 32,864,129 units in the region. The DS was Japan’s previous record-holder for best-selling game hardware, and now that crown has been passed over to Switch.

The craziest thing about all this is that the Nintendo DS hit its 32,8+ million mark at the very end of its life. That was the final tally when all sales were said and done. The Switch has managed to surpass that mark while it still has plenty of life in it. For example, the Switch sold another 40k units in Japan this week alone!

Switch is the undisputed #1 in Japan, but now the question is just how high can the tally go?!

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29d ago

Congratulations to Nintendo and the Switch!

May it hold the title until the next Nintendo system!

Hip Hip! Hooray!