Seeking to learn from his previous defeats, Brainiac has returned to launch an all-out assault on the Earth’s ultimate symbols of hope and resistance - the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom. With the world hanging in the balance, the Justice League and Lex Luthor’s Secret Society are forced to unite their powers and resources to thwart Brainiac’s ingeniously malevolent plan.

With Superman and Lex Luthor struggling to resist his control, it’s now up to you to make your powers known and lead the resistance against Brainiac’s ultimatum. Save the timeline, save the Earth!

For a limited time, special event versions of all content will be available to players level 20+! Look for these Event versions in the On Duty menu. This episode and all episodes are free for all players.

The Brainiac Returns episode will hit DC Universe Online on Switch May 28th, 2024. To learn more about this episode, check out the official blog.

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