Nintendo of America today announced plans to open an official store in San Francisco’s iconic Union Square, providing a way for a wide range of visitors from near and far to experience the world of Nintendo, its products, and characters.

The store, called Nintendo SAN FRANCISCO, will open in 2025 as the second official location in the US, joining the store in New York City. Nintendo asked fans to please stay tuned for more information as the new store opening approaches.\

For years now, Nintendo NY has been the lone official retail space for Nintendo in the United States. It’s nice to see Nintendo branching out and giving the west coast its own store as well. Now we just need them to put a store in the middle of the country!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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26d ago

Finally! Living on the west coast has been hard seeing everyone enjoy the big launches in New York. Now I get to join the party. If it's open for the launch of Switch 2, I'll be there.


26d ago

If they perfectly split the difference between SF and NYC and built the third location in Ericson, Nebraska it would be the most bizarrely Nintendo move of all time, get so much (mostly) positive press, and help put that town on the map. Population 90, apparently. There would be a level of self-awareness to that sort of a move that modern Nintendo (especially NoA) kind of exhibits. The financial viability would ensure that Japan never approves it, sadly. Lord knows they can afford it. The war chest runneth over.


25d ago


There's a Nintendo Store in New York, Tokyo and I believe Tel Aviv. So this is the 4th one.


24d ago

Tru, I guess I meant the third in the US


22d ago

Cool! Lots of people with flowers in their hair are going Nintendo shopping! =)