Ichiban Kuji has announced another event focused on the Pokémon Mimikyu. The ‘Mimikyu’s Cafe Time’ collection includes 9 different lottery items, and customers can enter for 650 JPY per try. The item lineup is as follows:

  • A Prize: Mimikyu plush
  • B Prize: Coffee/teapot
  • C Prize: Soft blanket
  • D Prize: Tote bag
  • E Prize: Mug
  • F Prize: Tablecloth
  • G Prize: Hand towel
  • H Prize: Acrylic charm
  • Last One Prize: Mimikyu plush (Last One version)
  • Double Chance Campaign: Mimikyu plush (Last One version)

Unfortunately, there’s no pictures of these items yet. When those become available, we’ll be sure to add them to this post.

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