Yars Rising physical pre-orders now live

You'll have your revenge...in physical form

24 May 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Yars Rising — the upcoming Metroidvania prequel to Yars’ Revenge from studio WayForward — opens physical edition preorders today for Switch. Starting today, fans can pre-order their preferred version from Amazon globally, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart in the United States, and a broad list of retailers in Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

In Yars Rising, players take control of the young hacker Emi Kimura, who is hired by a mysterious patron to infiltrate the shadowy Qotech corporation. Run, jump, sneak, and hack your way through challenges to unravel layers of intrigue in this expansive sci-fi mystery. Embark on Emi’s journey to decipher the mystery of the corporation’s closely guarded secret and uncover her inexplicable bond to a far-off alien race.

Developer WayForward Technologies has built a reputation for developing franchises featuring strong characters and rich storytelling. In Yars Rising, the studio delivers a side-scrolling Metroidvania adventure with platforming action, a balance of stealth and combat gameplay, and retro-inspired mini-games.

Yars Rising is slated for release on Switch later in 2024.

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