Another day, another round of Pokémon news! There’s always something going on in the world of Pokémon, and we’ve got the details on merch and more to share.

First up is the above Larvesta plush. This Bug/Fire Type Torch Pokémon is getting a super-sized release, measuring in at 90×117×110cm and weighing 5.9kg. Japanese Pokémon Center locations are already taking pre-orders for this mega-plush and it’s expected to ship out sometime in November 2024.


Next up comes a new round of merch that centers on Bug-Type Pokémon, and it’ll arrive in Pokémon Center stores come June 4th, 2024.

The “Bug Out” line includes t-shirts, figures, stationery, and more featuring some of your favorite buggy Pokémon. You can get a good look at the entire line in the image above, but if you’d like a deep dive on a particular item, you can find a complete breakdown here.


Last but not least is a whole new Pokémon theme for LINE app users. This new theme is called “Pokémon DOWASURE” and is up for grabs for $3. Snagging this theme will give your LINE messages a Pokémon makeover with pocket monsters that take advantage of the move “Amnesia.”

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