Developer/publisher Achromi is bringing Master Key to the Switch on May 31st, 2024. The title is priced at $12.50 and takes up 600 mb of space.

Master Key is a top-down adventure game with a strong focus on item-based exploration and secrets. Embark on a journey to discover what that key could be used for!

An old rusty key found deep in a cave, what could it open? Explore a dense world, fight ferocious enemies, and solve puzzles in search of answers.

Master key features:

  • Item based exploration
  • Dozens of enemies
  • Shops, weapons, and powerups
  • Dungeons
  • Between 5 and 10 hours of content
  • Lots of secrets
  • No language support!

The game doesn’t hold you by the hand, it’s a love letter to hiking and exploration. You have to find your own path and nothing is story-gated.

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