What do you get if you combine five artists, five art forms, and one blocky game? You get cubism! Just kidding. You get a mini documentary featuring the process of five wildly creative and utterly different works of art inspired by Minecraft.

In this short documentary, Mojang follows these five artists, all with various degrees of experience playing Minecraft, as they travel across biomes in search of that spark of inspiration. They take us behind the scenes of their creative processes as they use Minecraft to inspire the creation of a new piece of art. Considering it’s virtually impossible to play Minecraft without using your creativity, artists feel like they were born to be in the Overworld. How they choose to tackle their blocky adventure is a whole other question! From receiving the initial brief to entering the Overworld then planning their piece, getting to work in their medium, and finally presenting the final artwork to each other, this will be a wild ride!


Camila Salina is a Mexican-American artist from Texas who uses mixed media to create pretty extraordinary self-portraits from quite ordinary, everyday moments.

Elliot Ulm is the creative mind from Australia using graphic design combined with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor to wow the world.

Kenza Trasfi is a French artist and pretty much the queen of customization. Sneakers, skateboards, game controllers – name it and she can customize it!

Filippo Giusti is the Mexico-based painter using what he calls essentialism to not only capture the look of his subject but the essence and colors within.

Environmentally conscious architect and designer Benjamin Uyeda sources materials from his surroundings you’d never look twice at and turns them into incredible furniture.

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