We first learned of Rider’s Spirits back in September 2023, and it’s been radio silence since. That changes today, as Ratalaika Games has confirmed that the title is coming to Switch on June 7th, 2024. There’s no word on pricing or file size at this time.

Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Kon – Rider’s Spirits is a Mario Kart-type game originally launched on the Super Famicom that allows players to race on motorcycles. The player can choose from eight characters of various appearances and has a fuel gauge to watch while he plays the game. Two views are present; a first-person view through the motorcycle goggles and a second view using a more conventional third-person view. (h/t Fandom) This 2024 version of Rider’s Spirits is the first time the Super Famicom title has seen release outside of Japan.

Play head to head against the computer or locally with a friend and compete in a wide variety of racing tracks and game modes. Choose from an array of wacky racers, each with their own unique attributes, and show off your riding skills. And if things get ugly, use all kind of crazy items in order to get advantage and be the first one to cross the finishing line!

Can you beat all your opponents and be the first one cross the finish line?

Key Features

  • Choose from eight racers with different attributes.
  • Numerous race tracks with different conditions (dirt, ice, etc.).
  • Make use of a wide variety of items to get advantage over your rivals.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • Up to four players in local multiplayer.

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