All the way back in May 2021, Square Enix revealed that they were working on an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III. Following that announcement, an update from the team in Dec. 2022 said that everyone was working hard to bring the project to fruition.

9+ months later, we got another status update from the devs when Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii mentioned that development was progressing quite steadily. A bit later, Horii again shared comment on the remake, saying that he spent time at Square Enix playtesting the title. Apparently he was at the studio until 10 PM playing, so it seems there was quite a lot of the game to see.

Today gives us our latest update on the game, and it’s definitely the biggest yet. The above teaser trailer was shared, and it officially confirms that the project is heading Switch’s way. It was always assumed that a Switch version would see release, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

This teaser also has people wondering if something more is going on here than just Dragon Quest III HD-2D. There’s some speculation that the trailer using the phrase “the legacy begins” would point to other titles getting the HD-2D treatment, as the third installment in Dragon Quest wouldn’t exactly be a “beginning.”

As the first three Dragon Quest titles all relate to the adventure of Erdrick, some believe that a trilogy of HD-2D titles could be in the works. Again, that’s just speculation for now, as Square Enix has only ever officially confirmed Dragon Quest III HD-2D.

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26d ago

Dragon Quest III comes first in the Erdrick trilogy, so it is a beginning.

If there were to be HD-2D remakes of the other two games I imagine they’d be bundled like they were in the Game Boy Color versions back in the day. DQ3 is a much meatier game than 1 and 2.

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