SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, has introduced its first collaboration with Supergiant Games for Hades!

Escape the Underworld in style with a Zagreus-themed watch, jacket, and backpack. Limited pre-orders; don’t miss out!


■ Zagreus Model Watch

Swirls of red encircling the dial mimic the Pool of Styx that Zagreus returns from after each untimely demise, surrounding the subtly etched Greek meander pattern taken from the game’s epilogue.

Crystal stones at 3 and 9 o’clock are in green and red to represent his mismatched eyes.

■ Zagreus Model Jacket

His bone motif shoulder plate resembling three canine skulls is on the shoulder, in the same placement as on him.

Tag on the back features the House of Hades laurel wreath that Zagreus wears, while green & purple reflected colors line the inside collar, paralleling the in-game aesthetics.

■ Zagreus Model Backpack

The front fabric is pleated to mimic the look of his chiton, while the front pocket features the Hades Skull icon.

Inside is a SuperGroupies original lining adorned with the Olympian God symbols set in circles of the Greek meander pattern, with the House of Hades laurel wreath at the center.

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