Paramount’s original design for Sonic the Hedgehog in his debut movie never made it to the big screen, but the reaction to that design in the debut trailer was harsh enough that Paramount completely reworked the look before Sonic’s theatrical debut.

Some are sad we never got to see that version of Sonic shine, but apparently he will indeed live on, and in a very unexpected place.

A review of the new Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movie confirms that none other than ‘Ugly Sonic’ makes a cameo in the film. Yes, this seems like a completely strange collab between Disney and Paramount, but with the way Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers looks like a celebration of animation in general, it definitely makes some sense.

We can all find out just how Sonic pops up on May 20th, 2022, as that’s when Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers lands on Disney+.

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2y ago

Put an abomination into an abomination. Makes sense.


2y ago

LOL! Not sure if kid friendly Roger Rabbit is good or not but this is amusing. Now where's the petition to get the "ugly Sonic" cut of both Sonic movies ;)


2y ago

Now we just need a game adaptation of Chip n Dale with unlockable ugly Sonic.


2y ago

And here I was worried about having to put up with ugly Chip in this movie.