ANIMAL WELL has taken the internet by storm, with millions of players diving into this unique Metroidvania to see what is hiding in the depths. This led numerous people to discovering secrets that were far beyond the puzzle-solving skills of a solo player, which in turn pushed people online to work together for solutions.

There are a handful of puzzles in ANIMAL WELL that absolutely require the work and collaboration with other people, and many of them have gathered on places like Reddit and gaming forums to figure out these mysteries. In a Reddit AMA for the game, marketer Dan Adelman spoke on how happy he’s been watching players come together and form bonds over the experience.

As I mentioned in a separate answer above, it’s been amazing to watch so many people collaborate like this. I feel like I was part of something really special. Very few phenomena on the internet really bring people together in a positive way like that. So, a little bummed that some of the bigger secrets got solved so quickly, but really love how the game is speaking to people and helping them form bonds and friendships.

[Dan Adelman, marketing for ANIMAL WELL]

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