Brace yourselves for the ultimate zombie survival experience as Skystone Games and Vanimals proudly announced that the highly-anticipated “UNDYING” is coming to Switch July 25th, 2024. Prepare to embark on an epic journey through the apocalypse, where the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son becomes the cornerstone of survival.

Today we’ve learned that UNDYING will also include Kingdom Mode, a highly-anticipated addition that marks a significant milestone in the game’s evolution. Kingdom Mode offers players a fresh way to experience the story of Anling and Cody.

In Kingdom Mode, players don’t have to worry about Anling turning into a zombie any longer, and they start the game with Cody being fully educated and ready to help his mother in the fight to survive. You’ll have a home base to build up to your heart’s content, welcome NPCs to your camp to expand your community, and fight back increasingly tough waves of invading undead.

It’s basically a whole new game - making UNDYING a blend of survival RPG and City Builder at the end of the world.

Key Features of Kingdom Mode:

New Base and Building Mode: LynnBay becomes your new home, providing a canvas for your creative vision. Embrace the opportunity to shape LynnBay using the building system.

Transport Mechanic: Transport a wide range of items from around the world to furnish your home according to your preferences.

Research Mechanic: Unlock new constructions by researching facilities left behind by other survivors, enhancing your survival capabilities.

NPC Settlement: Welcome NPCs to your camp, providing them with essential resources to expand and fortify your community.

Undead Invasion: Prepare for regular zombie invasions and defend your camp to ensure continued survival.

World Map and Traveling: Upgrade your car and unlock new locations on the world map, assisting fallen areas to maintain order in Aries Town.

Order System: Fulfill order tasks from NPCs to obtain valuable resources and enhance your homestead.

Resources and Levels: Discover a wealth of scene resources to aid in your survival journey, but beware—resources no longer respawn once depleted. Explore expanded territories and hidden map areas teeming with resources and challenges.

Transportation Challenges: Haul items back to your base using a trolley, adding an extra layer of challenge to gameplay.

Storage Solutions: Store items in various storage boxes scattered throughout scenes, eliminating the need for loading bars.

Ground Materials: No more animation process for picking up ground materials, but remember, items left on the ground will disappear when you leave.

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