Australian developer Catchweight Studio and Team17 Digital today shared a brand-new gameplay trailer for their survival horror game CONSCRIPT. CONSCRIPT will launch on Nintendo Switch digitally/physically later this year.

CONSCRIPT takes players deep into the trenches of the First World War, offering a survival horror experience inspired by the classics of the genre. Set in the Battle of Verdun in 1916, players take on the role of a lone French soldier searching for his missing brother, scavenging for supplies and solving complex puzzles.


Play: Experience classic survival horror gameplay set during the Battle of Verdun with high replayability, various difficulty settings, multiple endings, unlockable costumes, and bonus weapons.

Survive: Survive against enemy soldiers using WW1 melee weapons and firearms in an intense, harrowing atmosphere enhanced by pixel art aesthetics and oppressive sound design.

Explore: Navigate intricate, interconnected WW1-themed areas while solving environmental puzzles and managing resources effectively.


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