Anima Flux "Nordic Game 2024" event recap video

Hands-on with the upcoming Switch title

28 May 2024
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Last week the Anima Flux team attended the Nordic Game in Malmo, Sweden. The 20th anniversary edition of Nordic Game Conference from May 21 till May 24 brought many brilliant speakers and attendees from all over the world. More than 2500 attendees on-site, and 157 speakers from different countries - these are the main numbers of the past event.

Anima Flux took part in the speed game pitching, where about 30 gamedev teams had to present their projects during 1 minute. The development team was pleased with a special mention from the hosts, having highlighted Anima Flux’s win in Pitch Battle last year.

During 3 days Anima Flux co-op metroidvania was showcased among other indie gamedev teams from European countries.

Around 50 players enjoyed the game either in single or co-op mode, sharing with their feedback with the team. The major part of the audience noted the key features, which are the visual style of the game and fun co-op mode.

The visuals remind them of old-school games in sci-fi setting combined with cyberpunk elements. This impression is enhanced with the synthwave soundtrack, which intensifies when battles become more intense in face of increasing threats.

As for fightings, it has become obvious that the combat system and controls are easy-to-understand, which proves the comfortable threshold of entry in the gameplay for wide audience. There were many opinions that it would be a lot of fun playing the game together in couch co-op, joking and enjoying the story, visuals, and battles.

Anima Flux will be released in Q3 of 2024. When a specific date is shared, we’ll bring it to you.

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